William T. Long, M.D., founder of Computer Surgery Institute, is a world leader in the use of computers for hip and knee replacement surgery. The mission of CSI is to improve joint replacement surgery so that one day all patients can enjoy unlimited activities on a joint replacement that will last a lifetime.

CSI is a private medical practice specializing in the surgical care of patients with arthritis. More than 20 years ago, an exceptional group of surgeons, internal medicine physicians and anesthesiologists came together with a shared belief that great outcomes following joint replacement surgery require an organized team approach.
The expert members of our medical team have worked together for more than a decade. Our physicians are well-published researchers on a wide variety of medical topics including treatment to prevent blood clots, rapid recovery surgery and the use of computers to improve joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Long performed the first computer-assisted surgery (CAS) in 2005 and the first robot-assisted partial knee replacement in Los Angeles in October 2008. Our team has performed more revision hip replacement operations using CAS than any other private medical practice in the U.S. The results of this experience convinced Dr. Long that joint replacement is safer and more precise using computer and robot technology in the operating room.





At CSI, our patients receive competent and compassionate care from a team of dedicated experts who have made this field of medicine our life’s work.

Since 1997 our physicians and staff  have performed charitable work in the U.S. and abroad as part of Operation Walk.

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We appreciate and are honored to care for all of the patients who trust Dr. Long and CSI with their hip and knee replacement needs.


Welcome to the Computer Surgery Institute.