“Our patients receive competent and compassionate care from a team of experts 
who have made this field of medicine their professional life’s work.”



Meet | Kim

Trying to get help for arthritis was not working.

Kim was losing hope until she came to CSI.

“I walked an average of five miles a day

and I could have never done that.”

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Meet | Devaughn

Devaughn was taking care of everyone except himself. When he decided it was time to repair his worn out knees the transformation was spectacular.


“My goals are to just dance, to live...”


Meet | Ken

Ken’s lifestyle was playing football, running and lifting weights. Knee pain forced him to be a spectator. Watch his road to recovery.


I just did a four mile hike on a glacier moraine.”


Meet | Tom

In the 2nd grade Tom and Dr. William T. Long were alter boys at Saint Eugene Church. When Tom couldn't kneel anymore he got help from his childhood friend. 


“My co-workers were amazed at how straight my legs were.”


Meet | June

June had been told she was too heavy for knee replacements. Share her story as she receives her Bachlor of Arts Degree.


I’m going to walk across the stage with no cane or walker.”



Meet | Herbert

Herbert was in failing health and trapped in a wheelchair in New Mexico. He reached out to Dr. Long moved to California and made the most of an opportunity to improve his knees and his life.


“You spent more time on the phone with me that night than my doctor had spent in 5 years.”