“Our patients receive competent and compassionate care from a team of experts 
who have made this field of medicine their professional life’s work.”



Meet | Dean

Dean awoke from partial knee replacements with bowed painful knees. It was years before Dean found a physician who could make crooked legs straight.


“Thanks to Dr. Long I have straight legs now.”


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Meet | Helen

Doctors told her, “The X-rays look fine.”

But she lived in constant pain.

See how she found the Missing Piece.

“I don't think about pain anymore.”


Meet | Bernice

The old knee replacement hurt.  When she was told that there was nothing wrong with the knee that hurt even more.

Dr. William T. Long believed Bernice and found the cause and solution to her pain.

“You told me, "Here is your problem." “…and that just made me happy.”


Meet | Betty

After ten failed operations Betty wanted an amputation. She had a frozen knee. After one successful joint replacement operation Betty was frozen no more.


“I have complete trust in Dr. Long.”