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                              HIP REPLACEMENT


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Meet | Chris

Chris, an exceptional athlete;                Now struggled to get in and out of the bathtub. 

Witness the amazing recovery that allowed Chris to take back his life as a Fire Captain. 

“It’s just night and day.”



Meet | Amy                                           

Amy complained about back and hip pain. Three surgeons told Amy that she needed spine fusion surgery.

Amy visited CSI and learned that the problem was hip arthritis.

“Three doctors told me I needed spinal fusion surgery.”



Meet | Barry

Barry showed us that martial artist are possibly the best at rehabilitation after hip replacement. See how his remarkable recovery exceeded the expectations of Dr. William T. Long.

The simple chores were becoming more difficult, like putting socks on and tying my shoes.”


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 "Arkie" was a versatile athlete, ballet dancer, martial artist and Hollywood stuntman.  He found himself trapped in a body that no longer obeyed his commands. Watch Arkie get his bounce back.


"I might start doing the martial arts again. I didn't know if I was allowed to."



Meet | Mary

At age 91 Mary was back on her feet one day after heart plus revision hip surgery. How was this possible? Rapid Recovery Anesthesia. 

I don’t have any pain now, I don’t know where it went.
— Mary



Meet | Tom

In the 2nd grade Tom and Dr. William T. Long were alter boys at Saint Eugene Church. When Tom couldn't kneel anymore he got help from his childhood friend. 

My co-workers were amazed
at how straight my legs were
— Tom


Meet | Herbert

Herbert was in failing health and trapped in a wheelchair in New Mexico. He reached out to Dr. Long moved to California and made the most of an opportunity to improve his knees and his life.

You spent more time on the phone with me that night than my doctor had spent in 5 years
— herbert


It all started when…

Devaughn was taking care of everyone except himself. When he decided it was time to repair his worn out knees the transformation was spectacular.

My goals are to just dance, to live...
— Devaughn


Our patients receive competent and compassionate care from a team of experts
who have made this field of medicine their professional life’s work. 
— Dr. William T. long



Meet |  Jessica

At 26 years old, 11 failed operations left Jessica in a wheelchair and in failing health.  After one successful operation by Dr. William T. Long  Jessica saw her dreams come true. 

You’re a different kind of doctor...



Meet | Todd

Todd suffered from mystery pain that many surgeons did not understand. See how computer navigation helped diagnose and cure his unexplained pain.

I can bend over
with no problems now.
— Todd





Meet | Dean

Dean awoke from partial knee replacements with bowed painful knees. It was years before Dean found a physician who could make crooked legs straight.

Thanks to Dr. Long
I have straight legs now.
— Dean

Meet | Betty

After ten failed operations Betty wanted an amputation. She had a frozen knee. After one successful joint replacement operation Betty was frozen no more.

I have complete trust in Dr. Long.
— Betty

Meet | Bernice

The old knee replacement hurt.  When she was told that there was nothing wrong with the knee that hurt even more.

Dr. William T. Long believed Bernice and found the cause and solution to her pain.

You told me,”Here is your problem.”and that just made me happy.
— Bernice